Theatre IV, a division of Virginia Repertory Theatre

Theatre IV provides outstanding educational entertainment designed to tour and innovative instructional programs that enrich our nation's schools. We perform live before over 1/2 million children, teens, parents and teachers across the America every year.

National Tour

  • 2016-2017 BROCHURE (pdf)
  • “Theatre IV brings us beautifully scripted, designed and performed shows. This is top of the line quality, and the performers as pleasant to deal with off stage, as they are talented on stage.”
    National Theatre, Washington, DC

    "Theatre IV combines professional craftsmanship with delightful enthusiasm and the result is superb production value."
    The Children's Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

    "I am continually impressed by the skill and artistry of their performances."
    Smithsonian Institution

    “Theatre IV is a real asset to our arts and education program.  The plays are exciting and excellent quality at an affordable price.” 
    Warren County Arts Commission, Bowling Green, KY

Arts Presenters

Bringing them back into the Theatre

One of the biggest challenges performing arts faces is getting audiences to come back as the economy swings in a positive direction.  One way to do that is with quality programming that is familiar while being fresh.  We choose our shows to meet those challenges.  At Theatre IV, we get that, so we choose seasons that bring the best of familiar and fresh right to your door again and again.

2016 - 2017 Season

Download the 2016 - 2017 National Tour Brochure (pdf).

2015 - 2016 Season

Download the 2015 - 2016 National Tour Brochure (pdf).

Education at the Heart of the Art

Our plays are entertaining while introducing the audience to the books, people, and events being studied in schools.  This is a natural extension of their educational experience.  We provide on-line study guides that teachers can access themselves saving you time and money.

Building Tomorrows Audiences Today

Theatre IV will help you bring young audiences to your venue.  The young audiences of today are the patrons of tomorrow.  They help build a stable future while bringing in much needed revenue today.  Get the youth of your community accustomed to coming to your venue.  You will instill in them a lifelong habit of participating in the arts.

Create or Enhance Your Series for Young Audiences

Our plays are diverse and will be the cornerstone of you Young Audience Series.  From Sleeping Beauty  to Harriet Tubman, from Huck and Tom and the Mighty Mississippi to A Christmas Carol to I Have a Dream, we can provide just what your audiences need.

Show off your economic engine - Invite your Local, State and National Politicians

Arts and culture are taking a legislative hit these days but you CAN do something about it.  Show off all you do for your community by inviting your elected representatives to our shows.  They are important links to government funding sources.  Let them know that the arts is an economic engine that is vital to the community and the nation and is a key component of educating all our children as well as provide real, taxpaying jobs.

Theatre IV is a nonprofit, professional theatre.

Since 1975, Theatre IV has been dedicated to the creation of professional, exciting and innovative theatrical productions for young audiences.

Give Them a Memory for a Lifetime

Trips to your venue are special in the life of a child.  Give your community the gift of live theatre and an experience they will never forget.

All titles and tours and dates are subject to change or cancellation without notice.